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The Assignment

The Assignment  - Evangeline Anderson While the characters were fun and well drawn, the story was a bit thin. Also, the gay bars didn't quite ring true, especially the leather bars. And I mean right down to the names of them. I'm used to bars with names like The Stallion, The Eagle, The Vault and Ramrod so a bar called RamJack was a bit too vanilla for my sensibilities. I was also hoping to get a little taste of the leather life in the book, but that wasn't really there.

Luckily I enjoyed the characters and their situation enough to not let the lack of truth about the leather scene bother me. I kind of took it as leather-lite and moved on. And although the sex was very hot, I found the final sex scene to be a bit gratuitous. Keep in mind that I tend to not want a lot of sex in my romance. And yes, I am a gay man. I just prefer more story than sex.

All in all, a decent book.